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Welcome to ATV Calendar
General Info

ATV offers a free interactive web calendar. The calendar is designed for ATVers who want to stay on top of ride events, race schedules, and club meetings that are important to them.

Setting up ride events, race schedules, and club meetings can be done in record time. There is no more missing out on something from lack of time nor the budget to notify everyone of the scheduled event(s). Let ATV's calendar put it all together for you.

What the calendar is used for:

  • Organize a group ride for your club or your riding buddies.
  • Keep track of Clubs Meetings, Race Schedules/Events, and Personal ATV Events
  • Schedule meetings in record time.
  • Give advance notice of the latest happenings, without all the hassles of contacting everyone.
  • See event details and responses in one place.
  • And much more.

ATV is providing this service exclusively to the ATVing Community for FREE.

To enter an event see the related how-to over in the "Submitting an Event table.

Submitting or Editing an Event

To Submit an event, please log in with the following credentials.

Username: CalendarUser
Password: d*N>6yW1$

  1. Log in now: Log in
  2. Once logged in, go to the calendar.
  3. Scroll down and click on the "Add Event" button on the bottom of any calendar page.

Once an event is submitted, it will not immediately show up on the calendar.  All events will go through a validation stage.

If an event is missing information, we will try and correct the missing information as best as we can. However, if we cannot validate the event, the event will not be accepted.  If you do not see the event listed within 24 hours, please contact us so we may make the necessary corrections to the event.


To Edit an event, please email calendar @ with the URL to the current event needing edited.  Include in this email the corrected event information, that includes addition or subtractions and or date change.

We will try and correct any event listing within 24 hours.